Your Campus Abroad

As a partner institution you have a home away from home with us. As our partner you can use our facilities as if they were your own. In some cases you find that at Chappe conditions may even be better than at home. You can legitimately claim that you have a campus abroad. In Europe. In Germany. See list of partner here.

With us as your partner you can offer to your students opportunities that set your institution apart and make it even more attractive to prospective students. This is a clear unique selling proposition in favor of your institution.

Include in your study plan one semester at Chappe. Either as an option or mandatory. In both cases, you decide on the curricula that is offered to your students at Chappe. Either you run the semester as a faculty led semester abroad program with your own teachers running the programs at Chappe. Or, as an option, we can run the academic modules according to your standards for you. Even more, we offer academic modules from our catalogue that you can select as a program for your students. Chappe modules are closely oriented on European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) standards and accreditation.