Academic Modules

Chappe offers a number of modules on higher education level. The modules can be booked by partners for their semester abroad program. Alternatively, modules can be part of a summer program run by The Chappe Institute.
1 Credit according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) accounts for 25 hours of workload for the student.

FieldModule NameECTS Credit
Scientific Basics
Scientific Technical Basics10
Electrical Engineering5
Mathematical Basics
Mathematics Basics (BIST)10
Mathematics Basics (CSE)10
Mathematics Basics (EITE)10
Mathematics for Electrical Engineers10
Mathematics for Computer Science10
Mathematics for Bus. Inf. Syst. Engineering5
Algorithms and Data Structures5
Computer Science Basics
Basics of Computer Science5
Programming 15
Basics of Business Information Systems5
Business and Management Basics
Business administration and Management 15
Business administration and Management 25
Business administration for Engineers5
Electrical- and Information Technology 
Digital Electronics5
Signals and Systems5
Electromagnetic Fields5
Analogue Electronics5
High Frequency Technology5
Digital Signal Processing5
Transmission Technology and Photonics 15
Transmission Technology and Photonics 25
Network Infrastructures and Protocols5
Mobile Communication5
Computer Science
Computer Networks5
Computer Architecture5
Programming 25
Operating Systems5
Embedded Systems5
Software Engineering5
Database Systems5
Distributed Applications5
Mobile Applications5
Information and Coding Theory5
Business and Management
Human Resource Management5
Marketing and CRM5
Process management5
Controlling and Finance5
Business information systems5
Business intelligence5
Project Management5
Scientific Methods5
Communication and Leadership5
Supervised Practical Project15
Final Thesis (Master or Bachelor)12