Chappe Campus

Chappe is in the heart of Europe. An ideal location to start your discovery. While major metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Munich and also Paris and London are within range for day or weekend trips, the micro location is maybe even more attractive.

It is green
The Chappe Institute campus at Muehltroff is situated in a save, healthy and quiet environment, nested in a cosy landscape, surrounded by forest and fields. It has all the benefits of a rural setting in a high tech country.

The Chappe Institute campus features all resources in short walking distance. Lecture and function halls and administrative facilities are right next to the student halls.

Housing and student halls are in direct neighborhood to the function halls. Students share apartments with 3-5 students in single or double occupancy to one room. Apartments feature european standard dorm comfort including kitchenette and bathroom. Apartments are gender segregated. The campus features shops for daily convenience shopping as well as laundry facilities.

Example of accommodation

The laboratories of The Chappe Institute are very well equipped for almost all hands on experiences required for a first class educational foundation in electric and electronic engineering as well as information technology engineering. We keep the labs updated and fit them with additional equipment as required.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory

The Chappe Institute features a fully equipped mechanical work-shop. Here, all processes can be performed that are needed to build prototypes, experimental setups or adaptions to the laboratories. Sheet metal manufacturing and various kinds of machining production can be performed, including various welding techniques.

Mechanical Workshop and Laboratory Building