Build your own mobile phone workshop


“Build your own mobile phone” workshop in 2 Themes:
Electronic Engineering and  Mechanical Engineering (Prototyping) 

Duration:  10 Seminar Days
Venue: Leipzig, Germany
Price: 900 € for 10 seminar days plus 200 € for materials used.
If you prefer an all in arrangement, including course fees, travel and accommodation please inquire at SCI Stephan Consulting International

Contact us by email if you want to join us in this workshop!

Contents (Examples)

  • Discovering and understanding the components of a GSM handset (Phone)
  • Building a fully functional GSM handset /mobile phone (Circuit board) (Skills: electronics, soldering, IC operation systems)
  • Introduction to and first skills to operate a 3D CAD software package (Skills: software operation, design)
  • Introduction to and first skills in using 3D print software and printers (Skills: Industrial prototyping, operating 3 D print)
  • Design of a personal and custom made casing /shell for the self made GSM circuit board (Skills: Industrial design, 3 D software)
  • Company visits to 3 D printing factory and circuit board laboratory.