Sales, Marketing, Self-Management and Job Application training


Sales, Marketing, Self-Management and Job Application training

Duration:  10 Seminar Days
Venue: Leipzig, Germany
Price: 1000 € for 10 seminar days .
If you prefer an all in arrangement, including course fees, travel and accommodation please inquire with us. We can arrange different packages, also including weekend trips to major cities in Europe, such as Paris, London, Berlin, Munich or Prague!

Contact us by email if you want to join us in this workshop!

Series of 2-3 day workshops that gives you a lift on your sales, marketing and general management skills as well as your self-competences.

  • Workshop one: Understanding people – selling to individuals and organizations.
    Learn to understand how communication preferences of individuals influence their decision making. Understand how to adapt to individual communication preferences and still remain authentic.
  • Workshop two: Selling a culture – branding.
    All communication adds to the perception of your product, your company or yourself. Understand how communication is shaped by culture, education and individual experience. Learn how to use these insights to create a brand.
  • Workshop three: Selling and Marketing yourself.
    Use the insights of workshop 1 and 2 to understand your own authenticity and will. Translate this knowledge in communication that speaks for you.
  • Workshop four: Job application training.
    Hands on interview training: How to prepare, how to be “real”, and how to say yes or no to an offer. Consciously revise your CV in relevant content, style and language. Discuss cover-letters.