Chappe At Leipzig

Leipzig is an ideal location to spend your student years at. The region around the city of Leipzig is a cosmopolitan area with an astonishing variety. For example, it has a fascinating history, yet also has its gaze firmly fixed on the future. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s an eminently hospitable place with a charming atmosphere all of its own!

Home to universities and research centers, plenty of culture and nightlife, the world’s oldest trade fair and a growing local economy – Leipzig stands out in Eastern Germany. Porsche, BMW, Amazon and DHL are only few of the many industries that are located in Leipzig.

Over 500 000 people live in the exhibition center on the Pleisse river, making it the biggest city in Saxony besides Dresden, and one of the largest in Germany. Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang Goethe lived and worked here as well.

At close distance to Berlin, Prague or Munich, and even Paris and London comfortably accessible, Leipzig offers unmatched quality of life while featuring unbelievably affordable cost of living. Just like the media titles: It’s “Hypzig”. ( better than berlin )