To spread the idea of Global Citizenship, we engage in education that prepares students to be true global citizens.

Communication is the main means of furthering global understanding. Our approach to education is based on understanding communication. That is understanding information and communication technology (ICT), understanding communication industry (management), as well as understanding people (leadership).

The Chappe Institute will be globally renown for graduates that have superior mature personalities, based on thoroughly internalized self- and social competences, and have very good command of the methods that enables them to solve problems and take decisions in the broader domain of their technical specialty.

Thus the motto of The Chappe Institute is: Volition, Elation, Assiduity. Volition for the decision one takes and the will to follow it through. Elation, for the satisfaction one experiences when one enjoys what one does, and Assiduity for the ability to withstand difficulties and willingness to work hard.